User Driven Product Configuration

Otto is configured to provide access to the most advanced technology and materials possible for 3D printing high-performance, market-ready parts.

Materials and Technology

The inventory of resources to choose from is vast, with the selection of materials used in over 90 percent of applications.

Versatile Line-up of Materials

  • Plastics and metals are available for 3D printing--spanning many different options from Nylon 12 to Processed Stainless Steel 17-4PHg.
  • Technology includes Binder Jetting, Digital Light Processing (DLP), Multi Jet Fusion, Selective Laser Sintering, and much more.


Wide Variety of Industries

  • Material selections are used in applications like automotive, medical, aerospace, robotics, transportation, and more.
  • Overall, Otto 3D printing software offers options for materials used in over 40 SIC industries.


From Prototypes to Functional Parts

  • Rapid prototyping is available, used for form and fit.
  • 3D printing is commonly used for functional parts like housings, brackets, impellers, and more.

Expand your manufacturing capabilities and generate new revenue streams.